Application for Ethical Review Form

Use this template to collect and review student projects before granting funds.

Simplify your workflows

Before you fund projects, it's critical that you and your team understand associated risks and the qualifications of the team taking on the project. This review form will help your grant funding team understand the overall vision of the project as well as the rationale for taking it on. With this Formstack template, you can easily capture the information you need in a single, secure location and make grant approvals a breeze.

Stay connected

This ethical review application will likely need to be approved by several people across your organization. Make approvals quick and easy by adding this ethical review form to a portal. With Portals, you can bundle your forms together, track completion status, and send email reminders. You can also build simple or complex workflows.

Collect signatures

If your approval process includes signing off on documents, you'll love that this template comes equipped with an eSignature field so you can digitally collect signatures and store them in your online database for future reference. Additional signature fields can be added as necessary.

Customize to suit your needs

No matter how your organization manages review processes, this form is 100% customizable to your needs! With Formstack's drag-and-drop form builder, you can create beautiful, custom forms in minutes. No coding knowledge is necessary!

Stay flexible

Ethical review applications can be lengthy documents. Use Formstack's Save & Resume feature to let students work through the document at their own pace. This feature will send student applicants a link to their partially-completed form and give them 30 days to finish working.

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